Who owns the Inquisitr?

I have been searching high and low for who owns the Inquisitr since it mysteriously seems to top the charts consistently despite the abysmally low quality of their content, accusations of link schemes with sites like WetPaint, accusations of publishing fake stories and even accusations of plagiarism from big sites like NPR.

And I see I am not alone in searching for the answer to this question.

The Inquisitr was founded by a former TechCrunch writer and sold in 2011 for $330,000—By the way TechCrunch is owned by AOL. At that time the Inquisitr boasted revenues of 15k a month and 1 million unique views per month. Its located in Beit Shemesh, Israel. So the Editor and Chief I think is a good place to start. His name is Daniel Treisman and he also writes for the Times of Israel—a very pro-Palestine paper.

It’s bizarre that this site which only recently started covering D list celebrity gossip is monopolizing the first page of results despite a slew of other content and the long list of allegations against them–Not to mention a 4 1/2 second page load time!

Google talks about how much they value transparency and accountability in a website yet the Inquisitr has none. There is no way of serving someone if they plagiarize your content or violate copyright laws.

Even worse than Google is the bias towards the Inquisitr by Yahoo. I saw an interview with Courtney Cox on Yahoo Tv where they source an Inquisitr article about what she tweeted rather than simply sourcing Twitter!

It made no sense for a site as big as Yahoo to be so biased and unprofessional by giving a site cred for scraping a tweet off of twitter. Here are some other folks who made the same conclusion that there is a connection between Yahoo  and the Inquisitr.

UPDATE 2/8/2016: Look AOL aka Verizon is trying to buy Yahoo. In fact they have been trying for some time.

“A Yahoo acquisition also gives Verizon a way to promote more of its own content over competitors’.”

So given that AOL is connected to The Inquisitr, if AOL buys up Yahoo you can see the problem….a search engine which promises to deliver results based on objective signals of quality owns a website that makes its fortune off of how well it ranks with the big search engines.

Check out this search term in Yahoo “shawn booth bachelorette” (the spoilers are out and Shawn makes it to the end thus millions of hits for the search term). And dozens and dozens of sites had written about Shawn prior to these posts from the Inquisitr.

Does this look a little biased to you? Seriously not only is the Inquisitr story number 1, the Inquisitr gets the top FIVE stories for this search term–a term that millions of people are searching for and tons of people have written about?

“shawn booth bachelorette” on Yahoo. Hmmmmmmm

The results fit with this statement from whistleblower that worked for the Inquisitr,

“Hello…i recently quit the Inquisitr and during my time there I saw repeated acts of plagiarism and repeated fake stories posted. They asked that you pull your info from other sites and rewrite the information. Even if they did speak with a writer about an article being or bordering plagiarism thy did not pull the article…..I’ve also seen Inquisitr stories get google ratings over leading news outlets even if the story came out days later when the subject was old news.”

As I stated earlier iMediaEthics, claims that In September of 2013 The Inquisitr joined the Daily Mail in publishing a retraction to admit that it published quotes from a fake interview with former James Bond actor Roger Moore.

The Inquisitr’s political bias, history of low quality content and very high ranking in the SERPS suggests some serious inside connections. A paper like this would never survive on the newsstands because no one would buy it. Even their celebrity gossip is poorly sourced and poorly written (and that’s a pretty low bar).

Anyhow, stay tuned…more soon….

Here is some more information from an ex employee at the Inquisitr about how rampant content theft there was.

Update 9/15: Here is an excellent article on the Inquisitr pushing pseudo-science as facts and using rhetoric to trick people into thinking they have Diabetes.

Update 7/2016: Since this article was published Daniel Treisman has come forward to admit he is the owner. And originally I thought this Daniel Treisman was the same Treisman who taught foreign affairs at UCLA, but no…the Inquisitr Daniel Treisman is a dude with no education living in Israel (although one insider said he was living in Iran) who is making millions off of this super shoddy and shady journalism.

I’m sorry he did study drama for an entire year at The University of Manchester.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 1.24.39 AM

Something is definitely “fishy” given that running a news website pays pennies in ad revenues even with millions of views a week or day. Hopefully more insiders will come forward to talk about how shoddy the “journalism” is at this organization and explain whats really going on.

Prior to The Inquisitr he ran a company called Dream Smoke Ltd registered in Ireland — no one has any clue what the company did which I find pretty funny. I suspect it was set up to be “smoke and mirrors” for whatever hustle DT was running at the time. On Linkedin he describes the work there vaguely as “Making it happen”.

And prior to that he ran Guru Media Int. Ltd. and GMIL sounds suspiciously like a company that you pay for backlinks which would make total sense since Inquisitr does nothing but hand out phony links.

“Welcome, Marketing Partners. Over 290 campaigns waiting to be discovered..
Over $125,000,000 in payouts, since 2010…”

Really check out the insider’s comments. He/she was saying she believe DT may have been laundering money through the Inquisitr since the payouts did not add up.


One thought on “Who owns the Inquisitr?

  1. I did a search on them last year and found that they had links to the UK but I never found out who was the owner. I got the feeling that it had an anti-US slant.

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