Why does Google consider the International Business Times “news”?

I have noticed a huge influx of garbage content monopolizing Google news of late and I see I am not alone in my frustration as you can see here in the Google News forum. There are a slew of publishers and users who are incensed at what is passing for news.

At first I thought Google would appreciate that I was reporting these garbage sites and would want to address this problem but as time went on and my “feedback” was being ignored I started to realize something….that the people creating these content farms may actually be connected directly to Google itself. I was shocked when I investigated a site called International Business Times to discover how big and well funded it was considering the quality of the content.

I thought surely it was probably just one guy in India running the whole site but I was wrong. The site has some very pricey real estate in NYC in the Financial District and they own Newsweek!!! That’s right this spammy garbage content farm owns Newsweek! And as of 2014, the company posted revenue of about $21 million and generated a profit of about $500,000!

There is no way a site of this caliber could be raking in that kind of cash with out some serious connections.

Some great observers on the Google forum posted some really interesting stuff on IBT. One person shared these examples of their “news” headlines and titled it:

“3 Things to consider on International Business Times —  Google Technology News Link Bait and Content Farm Spam”

Articles By Kristin Dian Mariano in the last 24-hours (April 24th, 2014)

From Tech 5:35 pm

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. HTC One M8: Should You Buy Now or Wait for Phablet?

From Tech 2:33 pm

Android 4.4.3 Kitkat OS Update Rolls Out to Nexus 5, 4, 7 And 10?

From Tech 1:01 pm

iPad Air 2, Mini 3 Release Date Soon as Previous Tablets Knock Off $100 on Price

From Tech Apr 04

iPad Pro Release Update: 5 Tablet Features You Should Watch Out For

From Tech Apr 03

Apple Investors Not Betting Much on iPhone 6 Release – Analyst

From Entertainment Apr 03

Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Gone Even Thinner Due to Food-less Diet and Extreme Exercise?

From Tech Apr 03

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. Google Nexus 6: Which Smartphone Should You Wait For?

From Tech Apr 03

4.7 Inch iPhone 6 Release Date Soon; 5.5 Inch Phablet Launch Delayed

From Tech Apr 03

LG-Google Nexus 6 Packs Top of the Line Specs and Features


Are these seriously “news” articles as opposed to advertisements? A site like this should disappear on it’s own. Google should recognize it’s sleazy and push it into internet oblivion but instead Google puts IBT at the top of the cue and their rationale for including it in “news” is their high traffic. Well it’s easy to have stellar traffic when Google puts you at the top!!!!

Anyhow someone also posted this very telling ad trying to recruit writers….in the Philippines. Hmmm wonder why they would want writers in the Philippines? Perhaps because they will accept the ridiculously low pay?

  1. Recruiting Ad for Writers — Kristin Dian Mariano (IBT Blind)
  2. An Australian-based academic writing company is expanding its operations in the Philippines and is currently looking for hardworking and efficient pioneering staff.

Be one of the pioneers of the expanding business and a big chance of promotion awaits you as the company grows.

Kindly email your comprehensive resume with recent picture to mowoffice@gmail.com

Pls Contact:

Aprille Plata- 09278383948

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Skype: nizi.bhandari/ marketingoweb

Academic Writer

Marketing On Web is building a pool of efficient academic writers with expertise in different fields to work on diverse writing projects.

Work is flexible and earn as much as you can. Work either in home or office. You can earn as much as $500 a month or more. Competitive rates and bonuses apply if writer gets positive feedbacks from clients. We offer consistent writing projects to our writers.

Pay is sent via paypal and moneybooker every 15th and 30th of the month.


  • College Level/College Graduate

  • Previous experience in academic writing in various fields.

  • Knowledgeable with various referencing styles (MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, etc.)

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  • Online availability in Skype/Gmail/Yahoo for work updates

  • Honest work ethics

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Aprille Plata- 09278383948

Kristin Dian Mariano -09273330068/ 09331316478

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I have actually noticed a lot of these big clickbait sites operate out of Australia but hire their writers in the Philippines.

And then there was this amazing post on how they treat employees.

“IB Times Employee Review on Glassdoor (More on Website)

“Company Abuses Employees And Management Is Awful”

Anonymous Employee (Former Employee)

I worked at IB Times full-time

Pros – Nothing. Even the free coffee is bad.

Cons – IB Times is a SEO based content farm that uses contract workers in the place of real employees and journalists so that it can avoid paying payroll tax, unemployment insurance, health benefits, overtime, sick leave or anything else that you are expected to provide employees with in a civilized society. So don’t expect to do any real journalism here, all the real journalists left and joined a real media company.

To add the turn of the century Dickensian atmosphere the company routinely engages in firing and turnover is massive because people both get fired and leave in droves. Anyone who still works for the company are the dregs at the bottom of the barrel, newbies to the job market or people actively seeking to find a way out of company. If you imagine that you’ll do real journalism here, don’t count on it. It will be nothing but soul-sucking SEO to drive up hits.

Contract workers don’t just include the writers and reporters, but copyeditors and even IT. At least half or more of the company is just contract workers, most of whom don’t have a contract anymore. Among the interesting practices you can expect if you decide to work for IB TImes is that you might get a short term contract, after it expires no matter how much you ask they won’t give you a new one. Perhaps they’re lost on top of a mountain somewhere. So once the short term contract expires you’ll just basically just be a freelancer who shows up in the office to write articles for them, with no legal protections of any kind to speak of.

As a contract worker you can expect to get a miserable rate of base pay, there is a bonus structure in place, but the majority of people never hit it. To make matters worse IB Times only pays once a month so you better have another source of income to fall back on because you won’t be able to last an entire month without going broke. IB Times also expects it’s not-employees to work on federal and government holidays, these include Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day and in a stroke of irony Labor Day. You will be expected to work on these days with no over-time, if you don’t work then your base pay gets docked.

To emphasize just how little it thinks of you, IB Times also forces it’s not-employees to show up at the office and work at least 40 hours a week, just to rub in their faces that they won’t be hired as real employees ever but will routinely engage in major expansions like buying Newsweek and opening new offices despite the current offices being both cavernously empty and deathly silent. It’s hard to envision where the money comes from, SEO trash can’t produce that much profit, maybe the CEO discovered a hoard of gold under his garage.

Advice to Senior Management – Management should resign. There’s nothing that can be salvaged about the company while they remain. There is no redeeming quality about them, not that you’ll ever see them, most of them never show their faces unless it is to go to the bathroom.”

Here are more employee reviews.

Here is one very angry advertiser who claims IBT stole $5,000 from him.

Ironic from a website that is so passionate about “social justice” isn’t it? So seriously where is all the money coming from? Where did the money come from 4 years ago when the site was started? No one makes this much money off of an internet news site in 4 years.

Is it possible “Google Ventures” is pouring 100s of millions of dollars into propaganda machines to ensure their global domination continues unabated? After all “Android” does have an exclusive and likely illegal deal with Google. You need a lot of propaganda when you are trying to rationalize your oppressive monopoly to the world.

Is it really so far fetched to think Google may not be purely “philanthropic” in their “ventures” and is using their unprecedented power to further their monopoly over EVERYTHING and this is why Google continues to look the other way despite a tsunami of complaints from users about this site?

I recommend going to their forum and reporting garbage like this. The “not-paid”, “totally volunteer” moderators will demoralize you and tell you to just click “feedback”–which does NOTHING BTW. It’s their way of sending your complaints into Google’s blackhole and making you think they care. So ignore them telling you it’s the wrong place to complain.

If Google wants to know how to get the millions of small publishers to pipe down and stop investigating the tentacles of their global monopoly then they should bring integrity back to SERPS, because the worse things get the louder and more interested we will get in exposing this agenda.

The more people post examples and make all of this public record the more likely Google may be shamed into actually doing something.

BTW: heres a great Reddit article on ChristianToday which also has close ties to IBT


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