More allegations against The International Business Times regarding their media ethics

I see I am not alone in observing a rapid disintegration in the quality of internet news and what Google deems acceptable for “news” and I see I am not alone in my frustration with the ethics of a website called The International Business Times. Keep in mind, this company is so big it owns Newsweek so the fact that they are stealing content with computer algorithms and the outranking the sites they steal from is infuriating. It would be one thing if Google acknowledged their behavior and kept them very low on the SERPS, but quite the contrary Google allows them to outrank the original source of the content.

So I have been keeping a record of other incensed Publishers in the hopes that google will be publicly shamed into taking action and demoting this site in the SERPS. This complaint was filed 4 years ago but nothing has changed.

Here is a complaint from one gentleman:

“I am the owner of, or The Weather Space … Which will be Science News Times in the near future, The Weather Space turning into the main weather section.  The Weather Space is not all about weather, but “Space” as well … Weather and Space were the keys … however a couple writers wanted to write other science news so we granted this wish.

I AM NOT ALONE:  I know I am not alone where I say I know IBTimes is GAMING Google to death … Especially in the “Science Section” since they are suppose to be BUSINESS.

Now: THE INVESTIGATION … Google .. .I will be updating this thread with proof that International Business Times is GAMING YOU.  There are sites out there that do the right thing, post something and leave it there.  I’ve seen sites take me on the rank before and did not feel the “NEED” to post the same article AGAIN 3-4 hours later.  I’ve made a lot of revenue from being patient and the VALUE of my writers are simply to NOT REPUBLISH (Unless of course it is an update).

Proof #1 – Duplication Articles –

One of the very guidelines of GOOGLE NEWS is simply to not republish articles.  Now it may not seem like International Business Times (IBTimes) does this but they actually do.  They use something called an article spinner.  Article spinners take other’s work and you can make different synonyms an use a thesaurus to switch out words  I suspected this and went ahead a researched IBTIMES.  Some of their paragraphs do not make sense, which confirms they do not re-read the articles and they “SPIN THEM” from either their articles or other people’s.

Proof #2 – Different URL extensions –

tv.ibtimes, au.ibtimes, ibtimes – etc etc … The list goes on.  IBTimes is using different url extensions for the SAME STORIES and this is why they game Google News 24/7.  They are consistently cheating the system and people who play fair are getting sick of it.  I know I am.


This entire staff is likely just two or three people running ALL those site extensions.  I’ve searched names and Huffington Post comes up with one of IBTimes’ “Reporters” and nothing comes up for a real Kay Aviles other than them saying she exists.”

This guy is absolutely right. I have caught them spinning my articles on many occasions and like he says, the way the computer “spins” them they don’t quite make sense. Google claims “content is King” yet it condones computer written and stolen content.

The Publisher is also right that IBT is allegedly about “business”, yet they have succeeded in monopolizing every niche even D-list celebrity gossip. Niche sites should get priority over a website that covers EVERYTHING especially a site that claims to focus on business. It should be obvious to Google that when sites like this start branching out to Science and Entertainment news they are doing it purely for clicks and not because they have a special interest or expertise in the field.

If you are a legit Publisher demand Google address sites like IBT and stop rewarding them for stealing our work.


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