Content theft rampant in Google News sites

In an earlier post I showed content theft by highly ranked Google News sites like the Inquisitr and now there are more. BTW, I am certainly not the only person who has noticed the abysmally low quality of Google News sites exploding on the internet. But Google shrugs off all of the complaints contending that the bad seeds that ‘slipped through the cracks’ and were approved as ‘News’ sites are few and far between.

Well, not so. I have about 50 terms on Google News alerts that I have been receiving for a year now and I would say 99 out of every 100 News stories Google gives me from the Google approved News sites are PURE gibberish with absolutely zero value.

Anyhow in addition to other sleazy tactics these highly ranked sites are guilty of like link schemes, changing story dates to keep current, not sourcing, passing off advertisements as news, they are guilty of the sleaziest tactic of all…content theft.

I just found a new story about Google News sites and content theft from Adweek.

“The first sign of trouble at the Kentucky Post Pioneer (, a recent addition to Google News, is the notation found at the bottom of each article. It reads:

Our editors found this article on the site using Google and regenerated it for our readers.

What they really mean – using just one Easter weekend example – is: Our algorithm copied the entire contents of a 2014 Telluride Film Festival review of the documentary Seymour: An Introduction by Variety chief film critic Justin Chang, changed barely a word, and re-posted it as our own.”

When the author went on a mission to find the actual perpetrators they were sent to a completely impossible address.

“The physical contact address listed – 251 Broadway, New York – is basically the entrance to City Hall Park. Strange HQ for a “breaking daily Kentucky news” site. The main menu navigation tab Writers brings up the header Our Journalists and lots of blank white space, while About Us briefly displayed just two words: sayfasi bulunamadi. A clue that this Keyser Söze of Web journalism may have come to pollute Google News by way of the Balkans.”


So the question is how in the world did this shady site get approved for Google News? As someone astutely pointed out in a Google forum it takes a lot more work for Google to approve a site than disapprove one thus sites jump through enough hoops and scrutiny that they should not be approved if they are not reputable. The mounting evidence suggests that Google is in on this.

Why would Google do that? After all bad news affects their reputation. Well maybe because these turn-key news sites sell for $5-15,000 on sites like Flippa. Google knows this. Therefore this stamp of approval by big G is worth about 10k. So Google is likely partnering with the creators of these turn key sites and raking in the profits. Sure 10k is nothing to a multi-billion dollar company like Google but just imagine how many of these sites are approved every minute and multiply that by 10k.

But in addition to just being able to create and sell “Google approved News sites”, they also use these low quality sites to pimp out Google products especially the Android. This way your Google News feed is saturated with propaganda about how amazing the Android is. See below the sheer number of articles on the Android pumped out by IBT in ONE DAY!

Oh and BTW Google doesn’t care one bit about their rep. Thats what happens when you are a monopoly…you don’t have to care.

BTW I just received this info from an insider at The Inquisitr, speaking of Google News sites and content theft.

‘Hello…i recently quit the Inquisitr and during my time there I saw repeated acts of plagiarism and repeated fake stories posted. They asked that you pull your info from other sites and rewrite the information. Even if they did speak with a writer about an article being or bordering plagiarism thy did not pull the article. The owner is based in Iran and it makes no sense how they could pay the rates they do if you compare U.S. currency to Iran’s.If you had a $600 week that translates to nearly $17,000 rial.i’ve also seen Inquisitr stories get google ratings over leading news outlets even if the story came out days later when the subject was old news. I am by no means a conspiracy theorist, but I think there may be truth to the rumor that the Inquisitr is how Treisman gets money into the United States.’

Boom, there it is. An insider contending content theft was rampant and encouraged by the company.

Its time for publishers to demand an end to this Google monopoly and their complete lack of transparency in everything they do including choosing what sites get to be called ‘news’..

Thank you Adweek for pointing this out! Keep bringing this to the attention of the public.

UPDATE: 1/16/2016: Google has a patent that connects advertiser data to organic rank. WHOAH!!!



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