— clickbait / Google products dominating Google News

Just when we get done lashing out and exposing a few Google News clickbait sites new ones emerge. has been around for a while, but has never COMPLETELY dominated Google News until now.

Christian Today is a allegedly a non-denominational Christian news company, headquartered in London, England.

It was established in 2000 supposedly for the purpose of reporting on news in the global church, and current affairs from a Christian perspective, but funny thing is trashy tabloid articles on celebrities show up in my newsfeed everyday from CT with ZERO Christian perspective aka CT is no different than WetPaint or any other low quality tabloid.

The other funny thing is that the site posts non-stop articles promoting the Android (again what exactly is the ‘Christian’ perspective on the Android? — no diff than IBT) which has an exclusive and likely monopolistic and illegal contract with Google — you know same type of articles IBT posts (Here are some amazing examples so you can see I am not exaggerating).

UPDATE 2/2016: Interesting that it is so amped up to promote Android since Google made 31 BILLION dollars off of Android.

I found this great article on Reddit from an Android customer complaining about the pervasiveness of on their news feed.

“Over the last month, I have noticed that almost every day when I look at my Google Now cards, in the news there is either a Christian Today article, or some other Android “news site” citing Christian Today.

Their articles are 100% clickbait. I’ve read several of the articles, and not one of them has any kind of actual source, just baseless claims. And I keep seeing Christian Today cited in many other tech blogs repeating the same bullsh!t.

I don’t want to link to their site to give them the traffic and ad revenue, but Christian Today and the other sites that cite them are horribly irresponsible and do nothing but spread bullsh!t.”

The author goes on to say,

“At this point, they so utterly dominate my news feed I’m considering just opting out of that card. If it’s not a Christian Today article, it’s another site using them as a source.

And it’s not like Google is using my browsing habits to find news sources. Until it started popping up in my feed, I’d never even heard of the site. I don’t know why it’s so predominant, but it’s really irked me.”

And some comments:

“Not even. I’m not OP but I get the same thing, I’ve never been on that website before it was recommended in my GNow. Such bullsh!t articles.”

“Honestly, ARS’s quality has gone down the tubes recently. I used to like them, but now they’re just as clickbaity as anyone else.”

And what do you know, just like International Business Times their articles are pushing Google products. From the author of the Reddit article,

“I’ve seen at least 5 articles pop up about Android 5.1, claiming it will be coming to Nexus devices very soon, yet reading the article there’s absolutely no substance to their title’s claim. Then another article with the title “Lollipop for Nexus 5, 6 and 9 quietly rolls out” and in their f**king article, all they talk about are some of the problems people have with 5.0.1-2. Their own f**king article doesn’t even address their ridiculous claim. Nothing in the article mentions 5.1 having rolled out, quietly or otherwise.

I’m hard-pressed to think of another website that is so brazen about putting out clickbait articles. Not to mention all other f**king websites using Christian Today as a source.”

And this person makes an excellent point…

“Yes please, I don’t need to see articles from them ibtimes or any other clickbait websites. Unless Google is being directly paid by them I don’t see why they wouldn’t give better quality sources like their search results.”

And so does this guy,

“This has been raised here many times before, but I will upvote any thread on this, any time. There must be someone at Google, or perhaps a Xoogler with some contacts there, that can pass on our collective exhaustion with this issue. Please, Google, either change site ranking for this to get IBTimes and Christian Today out of there, or allow us to opt out of news from specific domains. These sites have somehow gamed the system, and they’ve made Google Now incredibly annoying and not in the least bit helpful. I long for the day that I get cards for Android Police, The Verge, f**k, even Engadget. Anything but this interminable blogspam clickbait made-up crap.”

Except I don’t think IBT and CT have “gamed” the system. I think they are OWNED by the system. This is why both are saturated with advertorials posing as actual content pushing Google products. They both need to be removed from Google News or this backlash is going to explode and a lot more people and hopefully attorneys are going to start investigating Google’s vested interest in the sites it pushes to the top.

Incidentally Christian Today is owned by Christian Media Company which also owns

Christian Post

Christian Times

Christian Examiner

Christian Daily


So don’t waste your time clicking on any of the below websites.


Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.12.26 PM


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