Viggle stock price is tanking and so is their rep

So I was introduced to Viggle when they bought out Wetpaint — the world’s worst celebrity news site. Wetpaint had a very long history of dominating organic search results using very shady Black Hat tactics to promote low quality articles.

So in December 2013 Viggle owned by Billionaire sleaze-ball Bob Sillerman –acquired Wetpaint for $30 million.

Now Wetpaint is part of the Viggle app which allegedly allows people to make money while watching television.

But if you read the reviews on the app, they are deplorable.

“The standard rewards structure breaks down to getting a penny for matching a song, and 2 cents for watching an hour of TV. A song download is 3,500 points and a Redbox 1-day DVD rental is 4,000 points. This means 25 points is worth a little less than a 1 cent. Even if you watch tons of TV you still have to keep checking in on your phone (exposing yourself to even more ads) so they know you didn’t just leave your phone by the TV all day. The rewards won’t even be cash as the only gift cards offered are to Redbox, Windows Store, and”

The writer goes on to say…

“Here’s my lightning review: Don’t bother. I try to keep an open mind about some of these programs, but this one just sounds awful. From reading various reviews, even the loyal users say the rewards have gotten steadily worse over time. Make money while sitting on the couch and watching TV? Honestly, how did you think it would turn out?!”

If you Google the app you will find countless complaints from users about how the app does not work and how Viggle slashed what users can get for their rewards points.

Here are a few comments, but don’t worry, there are 1000s of comments out there that say essentially the same thing…Viggle sucks.

“Awful. About a month ago a $10 coupon for Buffalo Wild Wings was 30,000 points, but now it’s 60,000 points! Those investors in Viggle will be very disappointed because my friends, and me too, are deleting the Viggle app.
Waste of time!!”

“Don’t waste your time, they took away all the products and gift cards, over 700,000 points gone to waste!!!”

“Viggle can only buy TV or movies down loads.You can get the same thing from show box for free.”

And as of today January 8th the stock price is 24 cents!!! — a 5 year all time low. Remember in May the stock price was “soaring” as much as 60% to over $2, but even then the fundamentals were not there to support such explosive growth.

If you have ever read their articles they are cringe-worthy. I say cringe-worthy because they do not even get the most basic facts right, like someone’s name, occupation, or Hometown. And they are nothing but clickbait. They are a content sweat shop and they absolutely dominate the SERPS with garbage.

Their SERP domination suggests to me that they are “buying” this favoritism from Google and if you read the article below you will see Google has a patent that would allow for such activity.

Wetpaint and Viggle are sleazy. They have a long history of theft. And now they are not only stealing from small publishers and advertisers they are stealing from investors. Investors should be angry with Google which propped up this shell game for years—constantly giving them priority in rank while the site offered zero intrinsic value to anyone (just like the Inquisitr) despite countless claims being filed by publishers.

I saw some people insisting Viggle is a giant ponzi scheme and I’m sure they are right. Let’s hope this house of cards collapses sooner rather than later.


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