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Inquisitr keeps propagating hoax of Dexter reboot

So I am guessing The Inquisitr saw the article that we just wrote about them propagating the hoax of the Dexter Reboot as fact because they have come out in damage control today with a new piece titled…


And with a brand new disclaimer,

So here is the latest doublespeak that will have you scratching your head,

“It’s been three years since Dexter said goodbye to his fans. Ever since the finale, the Dexter fans have been patiently awaiting the news that Michael C. Hall would agree to come back and play the dark character again. For the past year, social media has been buzzing about a possible comeback and anticipated an announcement from Showtime in the next few months.

The one fact that we do know is that Dexter will return at some point. That much Showtime has confirmed.”

Really??? It’s a fact that “Dexter will return”??? …. based on….??? “Showtime confirmed”? Where? Why can’t you seem to show the specific evidence that shows Showtime “confirmed” this?

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 7.22.54 PM
Clip from Inquisitr story

FYI Christian Times is owned by Christian Media Corporation Company which also owns Christianity Today and you know how reliable that news has been!

So they link to an article in ChristianTimes as a source of this “factual information” but click on the link and it says,

“According to reports, a continuation of “Dexter” is currently on the table. However, Showtime has not yet confirmed if it is indeed happening, or if a release date is on the horizon.”

So their “confirmation” is a story that says it has “not been confirmed”….not only a release date, but if it’s happening at all.

And notice they utilize the ambiguous “reports” excuse. “According to reports”….”reports” that we do not have and have never seen, but take our word for it there are “reports” out there….somewhere!

Then the Inquisitr addresses the previous article that we just spoke about,

“The Inquisitr previously reported that Showtime confirmed they are planning to release a Dexter miniseries followed by a movie. Dexter is rumored to be slated to return in 2018, although, Showtime hasn’t confirmed anything just yet.”

Ha! So we reported that Showtime confirmed, but Showtime hasn’t confirmed anything just yet. So in other words ‘we lied to you’.

“All that we know for sure about Dexter’s return is that it will return, but Showtime hasn’t agreed when just yet.”

No Showtime hasn’t agreed that it will return at all!

They just said its a possibility. But I guess so long as Inquisitr can say it’s happening just sometime in the future (who knows maybe not even in your lifetime, but sometime in the future) they think they can get away with that blatantly false statement.

Again the Dexter Reboot hoax was first reported by Snopes. We discuss that in the below article.

And really how can both true? “Showtime hasn’t confirmed anything” AND “we know for certain Dexter will return?” They can not both be true.

Bottom line is this article is an admission that they falsely reported that Showtime “confirmed” a reboot cloaked in obfuscation.

The only thing that is true here is the statement “Showtime hasn’t confirmed anything just yet”.

So settle down fans. Dexter may return. It’s possible and I’m sure if it happens Inquisitr will take full credit for “reporting” it to us, but as of now there is nothing “confirmed”.

Keep digging your hole Inquisitr.

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